Since its release featuring two modules in 2005, bestpractice Decision Support has assisted thousands of health professionals in providing the best care for their patients. Over the years the number of available modules has grown to more than 30. To date, health professionals have used those modules more than 2.75 million times. We anticipate the 3 million mark will be reached in late August of this year.

Module Usage

All functionality in bestpractice is provided by modules. Each module focuses on a specific clinical area, for example, there are modules for CVD, Diabetes, Depression etc. For more information see All about modules and the full list of modules.

The graph below shows the number of modules used per month for the last 12 months (as of May 2014). May 2014 recorded the highest ever usage of bestpractice - our modules were used 91,250 times by health professionals.

Module usage statictics graph for last 12 months

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