Patient Prompt


The Patient Prompt module analyses the patient record at the time of consultation, providing notification of any areas where action may be required. The Prompt searches for issues in four specific areas:

  • Clinical reviews that are due or imminent (for example, CVD and diabetes reviews)
  • Clinical data that is missing (for example, height, weight, blood pressure)
  • Clinical/lifestyle recommendations that are appropriate (for example, diet/exercise advice).
  • Clinical data indicating action is appropriate (for example elevated HbA1c, not on insulin).

The results of analysis are presented as a list of prompts as shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Patient Prompt screen

A rationale is included where appropriate. Where interventions are desirable, the Prompt provides an optional mechanism to deal with each issue identified. This may involve any of the following:

  • Run a bestpractice module (for example the CVD Management module when CVD review is overdue).
  • Enter clinical data directly in the Patient Prompt which is written back to the PMS.
  • Provide access to patient information.

Upon completion of the appropriate action, the reminder will be removed from the Prompt.

The Patient Prompt may be set up to run automatically each time the patient is changed in the PMS. See the tutorial automatically running the Patient Prompt for instructions.

Patient Prompt Triggers

Currently the following Prompt triggers are provided:

Clinical reviews due

  • CVD Risk assessment due.
  • Diabetes Annual Review due.
  • Flu Vaccine due.
  • Cervical Smear due.
  • Mammography due.
  • No previous CVD Risk assessment.
  • Previous CVD Risk assessment.

Clinical data missing

  • Update height/weight.
  • Update blood pressure.
  • Update smoking status.

Clinical lifestyle recommendations

  • Offer smoking brief advice.
  • Diet exercise advice.

Clinical data indicating action is appropriate

  • CVD Risk ≥ 15%, not on statin.
  • Elevated HbA1c, not on insulin.
  • Elevated ACR, not on ACE/ARB.

These triggers are based on a combination of current guidelines, expert clinical advice and PHO Performance Programme criteria.