ACC electronic medical certificates (eACC18)


ACC is rolling out an electronic Medical Certificate (eACC18) to replace current paper or Practice Management System generated equivalents. While using the eACC18 is not currently mandatory, it is ACC’s recommended form for providers to use.

BPAC Inc. has developed and supports the eACC18 for ACC. eACC18 is currently only available to MedTech users. Progress is being made on integration with other Practice Management Systems.

The Benefits of eACC18

  • For the Patient: Faster and better support; ACC can respond quicker as the form contains more detail and is received earlier than fax, post or email.
  • For the GP/Nurse Practitioner: Less rework; You’ll get fewer queries from ACC seeking further information or questioning content.
  • For Practice Administrators: Simpler process; there will be no need to fax, post or email the form to ACC, or query GPs to interpret information.
  • For ACC: Better information; it will enable more accurate, faster decision-making.

eACC18 Online Services

ACC has two new online services to help practices get started with eACC18.

Online Tutorial

The online tutorial shows how to complete and submit an eACC18 and takes about five minutes to complete. It is aimed at practitioners wishing to train themselves or desiring a refresher course. Practice Managers may also find it useful to understand the process.

View the eACC18 online tutorial (under the section ‘Empowering the user’)

Self Service Guide

The eACC18 Self Service Guide takes a practice representative through a few simple steps to register for eACC18 and set up a test patient for practitioners to trial first.

Set up your practice for eACC18 with the Self Service Guide